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Welcome to the Tentage Family

Tentage & Logistics      帐 篷 出 租 和 销 售
Tentages That Stands Tall & Proud

新 協 美 私 人 有 限 公 司

Established since 1975, Sin Hiap Mui Pte Ltd, formerly known as Sin Hiap Mui Tables Chairs Rental is one of the pioneers in Singapore for Tentage and Event Logistics. Sin Hiap Mui provides a multitude of tentage types ranging from dome shaped tents to the fancier gazebo types.

We can cater to various sizes from a booth set up to huge ones spanning across the soccer field, catering to our customers’ individual requirements. As such, we are able to support many different kinds of events such as Civil Services, Commercial Events, Corporate Events, Private Events, Opening Ceremonies, Launches of Properties by Developers, Family Day, Company D&D, Sports Day, Entertainment Events and Annual Festivals.

We are grateful for the support over the years and continue to provide the best of our company. We are pleased to announce our RÖTents Patent Number 10201403424X - Safe Construction of Tentages; which eliminates the risk of working at height. We are also a distributor of Röder, a premium German-engineered tent with unparalleled beauty conforming to European standards.

In addition to Tentages, we are also professionals when it comes to provision of scaffolding solutions for various uses across many industries, including but not limited to the construction and marine industry.


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Patented 1021403424x


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